Who We Are

Dear Friends,


At a recent Chad's Hope group meeting, I listened to one of our students tell his peers about the incredible mental, physical, emotional and spiritual changes that had occured in his life. He said that he'd had an encounter with Jesus Christ and had decided to follow Him.  He went on to say that since he made that decision he has been learning to live in freedom and that he is no longer bound by addiction and deception.


CHTC is not a half way house, a clinic, a crisis center or detention center.  It is a discipleship based program where men learn that with God’s help, they can break the destructive patterns and habits that once controlled their lives. They discover that with His help, they can live productive, responsible Christ-centered lives and become trustworthy men who have a purpose and calling in life.  


This is all made possible by the dedication of our faithful staff, volunteers, and board of directors, as well as the generosity of wonderful people, churches and organizations that give sacrifically so that lives and families can be restored


Thank you for visiting our website.  We need and sincerely appreciate the prayers and financial contributions of people that want to invest in making more life transformations possible here at Chad's Hope Teen Challenge.  Together, we can make a difference!


Wendell Carmack


Mission & Vision

Chad's Hope Teen Challenge exists to provide men with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life controlling drug and alcohol problems in order to become productive members of society.   Chad's Hope Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.


2000 years ago a teacher sat among prostitutes, thieves and murderers.

Critics questioned why he would waste his time and associate himself with these “types” of people.  But he ignored the skeptics and continued to invest in the lives of those who had no hope.  He chose to spend time building relationships and restoring the lives of the most unlikely members of society.  Jesus became their source of hope.

The teachings of Jesus are the same philosophies applied to each Teen Challenge program.  Jesus taught love and forgiveness.  Teen Challenge not only provides a recovery program, it provides a restoration program.  When lives are restored through the teachings of Jesus they are changed forever.

Who will sit with them today?

Critics question why we spend our time and associate with those who are addicted.  We ignore the skeptics and continue to invest in the lives of those who have no hope.  At Chad’s Hope we spend time building relationships and re-storing the lives of the most unlikely members of society so that  Jesus can become the source of their hope. 

Q: Why is Teen Challenge one of the most effective drug recovery programs in America? 

A: We know that to be successful an addict needs to move from a self-centered paradigm to a Christ-centered paradigm.


In 1958, a young pastor from a farm town in Pennsylvania took a step of faith into the inner-city of New York City.  David Wilkerson started a movement that would change the lives of thousands.  With a heart for young people, he began working with gangs and troubled youth.  As he began to establish rapport within the city, he became aware of the life-controlling issues destroying these young people.  Everywhere David turned he saw the consequences of addiction: a 16 year old girl working the streets, a 12 years old boy murdered by his younger brother, the sight of a teenage mother with her baby on her lap, begging for food and shelter.

The young pastor found himself in a place with no hope and no future: these children had been set up for failure.  He knew he had to break the vicious cycle.  He had to offer a way out of their trouble and despair.  Later that year, the first Teen Challenge Center was established in New York City.

Since 1958, Teen Challenge has seen remarkable growth.  Thousands of lives have been changed in over 200 centers throughout the United States.  Teen Challenge Centers are now operating on six continents around the world.


Chad's Hope Teen Challenge

Chad’s Hope started as an independent program in 2008

Chad’s Hope started as an independent program in 2008.  It became a part of Teen Challenge of Kentucky in January 2009.  It is a four phase program for men 18 and up who have decided to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol.  A student must complete each phase in order to successfully complete the program.

Each phase’s duration is approximately as follows; Promotion from phase to phase is determined by a student’s classroom work and attitude.

  • Orientation 5 – 8 Weeks
  • Induction 4 months
  • Training Phase 4  Month
  • Pre-Graduate 3 Months