Forest Quillen

Executive Director

Forest was a student at Chad's Hope in 2014 and after graduation he felt the draw and desire to serve God through the Teen Challenge ministry.

Forest says, "God has taught me how to be a husband, a father, and most importantly how to be a man of God. I want to see other men receive the life that was given to me through Christ and become leaders through discipleship."
Photo of John Finley

John Finley

Assistant Director

John arrived as a student at Chad's Hope Teen Challenge in February 2016 bound by the chains of a 15 year drug addiction.  He became a new creation in Christ during his time as a student and was absolutely set free by te power of God.  After his graduation, John wanted to stay and give back to other students what he had so freely received.  He worked as a staff assistant and then staff intern before becoming a full time staff member.  John states, "It's amazing to serve and work with men who face the same life controlling issues I struggled with.  It's a blessing watching them find the same freedom I've found."  

John is originally from Breckenridge County, Kentucky.

Jonathan Baker

Work Coordinator


Jon arrived at Chads Hope as a student on February 28th 2020 beat down, broken and  consumed with depression. He just about ready to call it quits. He had bounced around from different recovery centers for 4 years searching for recovery from drug addiction and every time he thought he found recovery he was still empty inside and always back slid. It wasn’t until he built a real relationship with Jesus with the help of the discipleship ministry of Chads Hope that he really found freedom from drug addiction and depression that controlled his life for so long. By the Grace of God, Jon is saved, healed and delivered today and is dedicated to serving in ministry. Jon say “ I find great fulfillment in my role here at Chads Hope and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to give back!”