Step 1. Application: APPLY ONLINE or download the Student Application Packet at the link below and fill out and return the following documents:

  • Application
  • Program Disclosures
  • Release of Information Form
  • Student Entry Agreement
  • Financial Agreement


Step 2. Phone Interview: Intake Coordinator will call you (typically within 48 hours Mon-Fri) to review your application and discuss any questions or needs you have.


Step 3. Preparation for Intake: After you have been accepted, fill out and return the following documents:

  • Health Screening
  • Intake Questionanaire (Questionnaire may be brought with you on Intake Date)

Step 4. Intake Date Scheduled. You are required to be detoxed before your Intake Date. Please be familiar with Student Handbook, Work Experience Program Description, and What to Bring list before arriving.


Contact us for more information or submit your application through one of these methods:

PHONE NUMBER: (606) 599-9716
FAX NUMBER: (606) 599-0274  


MAILIING ADDRESS: 300 Chad McWhorter Lane, Manchester, KY 40962